Hunting Birds Bucks Ducks 2010


$320.00 a day (min 2 hunters)
$350.00 a day (single hunter). Paid in full at booking.

Can reschedule within 48 hours prior to the hunt
Hunt is only good for current season. “No refunds”

Our waterfowl hunting is incredible. We hunt over water in very comfortable wooden blinds and when the water starts to freeze we use aerators to keep the water open. No hunter will have to wear waders and will never be in a boat or in the water. We also hunt out of pit blinds that are made out of lumber with flip lids and if you bring your wife or a youth and it’s very cold out we will supply you with heaters in the blinds. I promise you that if you have a person you are introducing to waterfowl that if they are not dry and warm they may take up video games and then you have lost them. I am always making blinds and I have some of the wildest ones you will ever hunt out of. I have designed a floating blind that could cause you to go to sleep and a snow blind that will accommodate 4 hunters that will blow your mind. Sometimes we have to shoot before they hit the blind.