Deer Hunts-Modern Firearm

Modern Firearm Whitetail/Mule Deer Hunts: $2,500 (4 days guided hunting)

We book three whitetail and two mule deer modern firearm hunt a year in an effort to manage the game and produce nice bucks for our hunters. Over the last six years all our hunters of harvested deer but two. One hunter missed and the other was there just to relax and enjoy the outdoors. We hunt out of box blinds, ground blinds and tree stands. We don’t spot and stock for two reasons. We don’t want to chase the deer off our property but best of all you will have the opportunity to see the deer in their natural environment.


Deer Hunts-Archery and Muzzleloader

Muzzleloader & Archery Whitetail Deer Hunts : $2,500 (4 days guided hunting)

Muzzleloader & Archery Doe Hunts:

$395.00 one day guided (if you book a one day hunt) guaranteed shot or you don’t pay.

$750 (2 days guided hunting) GUARANTEED OPPORTUNITY

We book Archery deer and have some of the best blinds and locations to give our clients the opportunity to harvest a nice deer whether it be a buck or doe. Our late muzzleloader hunt are one of my favorites. Our ground just seems to be a special place for those big bucks looking for their doe’s. I have seen some of the nicest bucks during that season and so will you. We also provide a less expensive hunt for doe’s with a guarantee that the hunter will get a opportunity to harvest or you don’t pay. This is a excellent hunt for first time hunters or for the person who just wants’ to put some meat in the freezer.


Elk hunts

Coming soon. Be sure to ask what we have up our sleeves.

Big game hunts are done from ground blinds and tree stands over food plots and high traffic areas. Scouting and trail camera give us an edge to what deer are in each area.

One super dinner provided by guides & landowner on big game hunts.